What we offer

Price It

Automatically negotiate prices with each customer and approve best price offers.

Price Drop

Know the number of customers waiting for a price change and sell immediately after discounts.

Set the best sales possible based on real customers data.


See which items are getting the most attention outside of your website and sell your products to the friends of your customers.

Alternative Price Comparison

One tap price comparison of all related items.

Get higher visibility during price comparison search through the app.

Barcode Scanner

Keep brick-and-mortar visitors engaged and sell to your customer even after they leave your store.

Allow in-store shoppers to save and track what they see with their smartphone camera.

Customer insights

Customer Insights Img

Customer insights

Dive deep into your current and potential customer behaviors.

  • The Price It tool lets customers offer their prices which are often higher than upcoming discounts, while retailers capitalize on selling more before the company sale. When shoppers get their offers accepted, satisfaction skyrockets.
  • Automated real-time price negotiation lets you understand where customers are willing to meet you in the middle for faster sales. Set your Price It price range minimum and let the system bargain with the customer. Track winning bids and plan for upcoming sales and clearances.
  • Real-time feedback lets users engage with a human oriented system for a gamified shopping experience.

Supercharge your sales

Supercharge your sales

  • Give personalized negotiated price offers
  • Increase customer retention
  • Clear out old inventory
  • Clear out overstock
  • Test different pricing models and strategies

Free of expenses

  • No commitment

  • No subscription

  • No setup fee

An e-commerce tool that does all the work

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3 Steps to launch

Early early adopters until March 2024 will have higher homepage and social media priority for exposure.


Complete a short form to tell us about your store

2Set your sales strategy

Customize your store with an automated or manual bid strategy

3App integration

We will configure the app so customers can easily navigate and use all the tools in your store.

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Shopify, API

Wix, WordPress Store, Custom Store | coming soon

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How does Bidygo work?

Here’s how it works:

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